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Protect Your Caravan!

Protect your caravan..!

At this cold and wet time of year the following is possibly in each and every caravanners mind. It is every caravan owner’s worst nightmare – unlocking their pride and joy after a period of storage only to be met with a musty smell and those dreaded black spots of mildew and spreading damp patches.

Be honest, did you cringe just reading that first sentence…?

While new caravans are built using materials which make it far less likely, there are still thousands of older-style wood construction caravans in use, meaning damp still poses an issue. Not only does it greatly affect the look and comfort levels of your caravan (and value), damp and the associated mould and mildew problems can have serious health implications for you and your family.

Here’s our guide to avoiding damp and condensation in your caravan and how to deal with it should the issue arise. As always, prevention is better than cure, and it is far easier to do what you can to stop damp, mildew and mould setting in than it is to get rid of them once they’ve found a new home.

Following these steps will help to prevent that nightmare from becoming your reality:

> Clean and vacuum the entire interior of your caravan regularly. Wipe down all surfaces with an anti-bacterial or disinfectant product and make sure everything is properly clean and dry before you lock up again

> Don’t leave your caravan locked up for lengthy periods of time. Even if you won’t be using it for a few months, remember to visit and let some air circulate every now and again. If you store it away from home, try to find someone local who can take on this task. Your storage facility may be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction

> No matter how well you’ve cleaned your caravan before the off-season, give it a thorough clean again before you use it. Don’t forget the exterior!

> Always open the bathroom and kitchen windows as much as possible, particularly straight after the shower or oven have been used. Don’t let moisture build up

> Check often for any signs of leaks, damaged seals or other issues (no matter how small) which could allow moisture, bacteria and fungus to collect and breed

> Don’t forget about your cupboards – clean inside all cabinets, wardrobes and other storage units regularly and dry completely before replacing contents

> Wipe condensation from the windows and doors as soon as you spot it

> If any soft furnishings, carpets, cushions or other materials get wet to the point of being unable to dry, remove and replace immediately

> If any areas of your caravan are particularly prone to moisture, use dehumidifying crystals and other moisture control products to keep it to a minimum.

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Basically, the best way to keep your caravan free of damp, mould and mildew is to keep it clean and dry at all times (or as close to it as you can possibly manage)

Recognising the signs of damp

No matter how careful you are, your caravan could still be susceptible to damp and the associated problems, particularly if you own a wooden-construction model. Learning to recognise the signs of damp is essential and will enable you to deal with the problem swiftly.

> Musty smell on entering the caravan
> Black marks around windows or doors, or on walls
> Staining on walls
> Walls which feel soft when pressed with fingertips
> Damp-looking patches on walls or ceilings

Water Ingress

If you suspect that your caravan has water ingress in any of the panels or floor it is best to consult a professional.

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