Buying A Caravan

So on you’re on the look-out for a caravan, but do you go for used or brand new? Of course we’d all love to be able to buy new, but buying a caravan is a major purchase these days so consider your budget carefully.

If you’re new to caravanning, it makes sense to try a used caravan first at a reasonably low cost, however it’s important not to scrimp so much that your caravan is unreliable or so out of date that it could you a poor experience and put you off caravanning for good!

Research your options

One of the first factor’s you need to consider is the towing capacity of your vehicle, your choice of caravan is impacted by this so working out the car’s kerb weight will give you an approximate weight of the caravan your car can tow comfortably. Check out What Tow Car for more information on towing weights, also contact your NCC approved council to find out more information about towing limits and what is suitable for your vehicle.

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Where to buy your caravan

It’s always advisable to use a reputable dealer; whilst buying privately may be cheaper a dealer will be able to offer warranties or extra legal safeguards. A good dealership will also have servicing facilities, an accessory shop and a selection of new and used caravans on display, and be able to offer advice to support your requirements.

Checking out the workings of a caravan

It’s important to check that the caravan you wish to buy is obviously functioning properly. Sit on the lounge seats – are they resilient? Do the cupboard and door catches work? Are there areas on the floor that are spongy or damp? Make sure that you also check that the water system and taps work, as well as the gas appliances.

One main factor to consider when buying a caravan is the risk of damp. You can’t always smell damp however the effects of damp and moisture areas generally show themselves through mould and bacterial growth which can begin within 24-48 hours of a moisture intrusion. Grantham Caravans carry out a moisture report on all used caravans to allow you to see areas that may need further work. Evidence of caravan regular servicing will further reassure you.

For more information on buying a caravan, read our Caravan Buyer’s Guide.

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